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Endless Pool Shelter

"The whole production team were extremely professional and provided an excellent customer service to my exact requirements, designing and building the pool house with its endless pool to a very high standard and specification. I would therefore not hesitate to recommend Betta Buildings to future customers."

Mrs Williams
Project Overview

Mrs Williams required a building to house a new endless swimming pool and had looked at several quality Log Cabin companies. Roger Summers our bespoke building expert carried out a site visit and came up with a suitable design for a Cabin and base design.

What we did

The cabin required planning permission so we had the plans drawn up and acted as the agent on Mrs Williams behalf. Planning was accepted and we set about the task in hand.

The pool was sunk partially into the ground and required our in-house specialist base team to clear the site and construct a suitable base whilst keeping the site tidy. Soon after the base was completed our expert fitters delivered and built the cabin. During the build they installed all electrics, insulation and painted the building.

Our pool specialists then installed the steel frame of the pool. Our construction team returned to build the cabinet around the pool. The floor was insulated and covered with marine ply then tiled. The pool liner was installed and the flow pump was connected up the separate pump house. Finally a granite coping was fitted around the pool

The result

With the building and pool complete work was started on landscaping the surrounding areas of the building, path and patio exposing and setting off the beautiful new garden feature / Pool House.

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